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Steve Pricco

As a co-founder of Innovo Advisors, Steve is responsible for the day-to-day leadership activities of the firm, business development, and providing quality assurance and guidance on active consulting engagements. He has nearly 15 years of experience leading IT vendor selection and implementation, performing operational assessments and redesign, and providing clients with onsite project leadership. Steve is able to provide Innovo’s clients with solutions for external project leadership and guidance thanks to his extensive healthcare industry experience.

Prior to co-founding Innovo Advisors LLC, Steve co-founded Validus Consulting, a management consulting firm based in Minneapolis. Validus focused on identifying, solving and managing operating challenges for a variety of healthcare providers. Their primary areas of expertise included deploying technology to improve operations, implementing electronic medical records solutions and maximizing operational performance. Along with his business partners, Steve helped negotiate the acquisition of Validus by Vitalize Consulting Solutions (an SAIC Company).

Population Health

Calculating an organization’s “total cost of care” capabilities and helping implement critical population health capabilities

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Innovo does much more than just provide us with exceptional consultants. They focus on transferring knowledge, openly share their best practice information, and connect us with other organizations so that we can learn from others in similar situations. I highly recommend them.