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Business Performance

Do you need expert assistance achieving sustainable results for your organization?


At Innovo, we quickly identify the requirements needed to achieve a wide range of business goals for healthcare organizations. Whether it is evaluating a new service, existing business support capability, or strategic service line, obtaining an objective third-party assessment can uncover improvement opportunities and identify unknown issues and risks.

Our methodology, which emphasizes knowledgeable experts, objective performance data, flexible data modeling, strong collaboration, and realistic implementation plans, produces sustainable results.

Key Accomplishments

  • Assessed the technology used to support the solid organ transplant (SOT) program for one of the country’s top transplant programs and identified opportunities to leverage technology more effectively
  • Completed an assessment that identified a 25% overtime reduction opportunity for a large urban hospital
  • Led multiple process improvement and standardization initiatives in large integrated health systems
  • Reduced future appointment call volume by 80% and improved scheduling efficiency by 50% for the second-largest interpreter services department in the country

Do you need expert assistance achieving sustainable results for your organization?

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Revenue Cycle Transformation

Evaluating revenue cycle performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, and providing hands-on leadership support needed to achieve dramatic improvements

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Innovo is a different kind of consulting firm. In a recent project, the partners sold, staffed, supported and did most of the work. This approach gave me confidence that the project would be set up and supported with our best interests in mind with a great result.