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Population Health

Would you like to improve your population health strategy by consulting with our healthcare leadership group?


At Innovo, we assess a healthcare organization’s “total cost of care” capabilities and help it implement critical population health capabilities. We also bolster an organization’s ability to manage the total cost of care risk by providing the following support:

  • Assess current total cost of care risk capabilities: We will identify current risk-based contracts and assess the organization’s ability to effectively manage these contracts. As a part of this process, we will evaluate financial performance, analytics capabilities, clinical capabilities, and care coordination structures, as well as summarize our findings in the context of industry best practices.
  • Identify 5-year risk-based business projections: After identifying the organization’s baseline business, we will project the organization’s likely change in its mix of risk-based business over a 5-year period. The organization can then use these projections as a basis for creating a realistic roadmap for implementing new capabilities.
  • Gap analysis and 5-year capability roadmap: We will develop a realistic roadmap for implementing new IT, clinical, and care coordination capabilities based on projected reimbursement changes, industry best practices, and emerging technologies.
  • Implementation leadership and support: We are experts at implementing enterprise-wide initiatives and can bolster internal staff on short notice. In addition to providing project leadership, we can provide as-needed subject matter expertise and staff augmentation.

Key Accomplishments

  • Helped define population health strategy for a large integrated health system
  • Developed assessment tool for evaluating Clinically Integrated Networks
  • Created model for evaluation population health capabilities
  • Supported a new health plan start-up organization by focusing on risk optimization and consumer experience initiatives

Would you like to improve your population health strategy by consulting with our healthcare leadership group?

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Strategic Collaboration

Helping achieve collaboration goals by facilitating collaborative initiatives between organizations and business partners; specifically, helping identify shared vision, values, and objectives

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We have relied on Innovo to support us in a number of strategic projects over the years. Their project leaders are seasoned and highly versatile and they have helped us in a number of complicated situations.