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We are healthcare experts who thrive on chaos and complexity, and who excel at helping healthcare organizations implement strategic solutions. Our senior-level project leaders here at Innovo Advisors are superb problem solvers. Turn to our team for the experienced leadership you require to make smart changes to your business.

We have extensive experience leading EHR and IT implementation and optimization initiatives, revenue cycle improvement projects, and business performance assessments and turnarounds.

Innovation + Flawless Execution


Innovation is the process of unlocking future possibilities by better understanding current environment and then searching for more. Our innovation process includes a 3-step discovery and concept development process:

  1. Our discovery process begins by drawing on the deep knowledge base of current information that exists within organizations and outside of it. We leverage internal and external subject matter experts in a way that leads to new insights, ideas, and conceptual models that challenge conventional beliefs.
  2. Then we identify and vet conceptual models in the discovery phase by engaging in creative analysis and iterative modeling exercises, feedback sessions, and evaluating new sources of data.
  3. We take the most promising conceptual models and develop realistic plans that move new ideas from concept to reality.

Flawless Execution

In our experience, the project leader and the project team are the best predictors of project success. A strong leader plus a balanced team brings the knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills needed to ensure alignment and long-term success. We seek out project leaders and teams that possess the following capabilities:

  • Deep knowledge about the relevant subject matter: Project leaders and team members with relevant experience improve decision-making, reduce project length, and minimize overall risks of a project.
  • Adaptability to changing circumstances: Change is constant. The project group must have the ability to rapidly identify alignment issues and adjust plans and capabilities accordingly. If the group cannot do so, emerging risks can remain undetected, plans quickly become obsolete, and efforts become misguided.
  • Clear accountability and effective feedback loops: A culture of accountability, transparency, and efficient feedback loops are critical in making real-time adjustment.

The Innovo approach is open, flexible, and inclusive. We respect the knowledge and experience of our clients and incorporate this belief into our process. Because we actively engage organizations in all phases of the assessment and apply our experience and expertise, we have been able to develop realistic solutions that lead to sustainable results.

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Evaluating revenue cycle performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, and providing hands-on leadership support needed to achieve dramatic improvements

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We have relied on Innovo to support us in a number of strategic projects over the years. Their project leaders are seasoned and highly versatile and they have helped us in a number of complicated situations.