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Are you ready to take your healthcare startup to the next level?


At Innovo, we help assess and implement new ideas, businesses, and services that healthcare organizations have not implemented before. We employ a flexible, iterative approach that allows new ideas to develop into solutions that will work for an organization. We leverage internal and external expertise and develop flexible models that help assess the impact on an organization. Once an idea is ready for implementation, we provide the hands-on project leadership needed to ensure that it thrives.

Key Accomplishments

  • Completed a product development assessment for commercializing a clinical service for a leading addiction recovery organization
  • Facilitated a collaborative effort to develop a state-wide, web-based credentialing application with a diverse group of stakeholders that included healthcare trade associations, area health plans, hospitals, and clinics
  • Developed a business case for merging a home care and hospice organization with an integrated healthcare delivery organization, and assisted with the integration initiative that followed
  • Helped organizations develop a governance and organizational structure to support emerging capabilities
  • Mentored numerous healthcare entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Served on advisory boards for multiple start-up and early-stage companies

Are you ready to take your healthcare startup to the next level?

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Quickly assessing and identifying strategic opportunities that improve business performance and identifies the people, process, and technology opportunities needed to support sustainable improvement

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Innovo does much more than just provide us with exceptional consultants. They focus on transferring knowledge, openly share their best practice information, and connect us with other organizations so that we can learn from others in similar situations. I highly recommend them.